Little stars meet big celebs on our Sainsbury’s shoot

Take one sports centre in Liverpool on a cold October day. Add three British sporting legends, 12 lively kids and a film crew. And action!

We had just one day to shoot a range of images of kids enjoying sports and cookery activities with three of our Active Kids ambassadors – Jonnie Peacock, Daniel Sturridge and Lucy Bronze.
With 80 people on set, including assorted parents, carers, agents and stylists, it was always going to be an organisational challenge.

Our Creative Director Ollie reports: “Our three Ambassadors were a good laugh and got straight into the spirit of the shoot, mucking about with the kids. And the children were great, especially Adam, a larger than life character with Down’s Syndrome who was telling us what to do.”

During the day we also had to build a set – turning the sports centre office into a cookery classroom where a Home Economist could teach the kids to make dough.

Despite hours standing around in freezing weather, nobody complained. We returned to London that night with cold feet, warm memories and a fabulous bank of images for Sainsbury’s to use in its Active Kids campaign.