We’re a sporty bunch

Here at NWP HQ we take team activities very seriously. Some might say a little too seriously…

Our first visit to Flight Club was no exception. A supposedly light-hearted game of social darts resulted in underhand team tactics, serious game faces and a tremendous amount of gloating, all topped off with a lot of alcohol. After a series of tough games, minimal blood, a great deal of sweat and floods of tears, our Studio Manager Jonty came out on top.

Our next sporting endeavour was ping pong. We went to our local Bounce to show off our table tennis talents (or lack of). Despite not remembering the rules and a few trodden on balls – we all played our socks off. There was no one winner, but for sheer overall determination it has to be our Artworker Jules and Creative Director John who continued to play using the menus, long after the bats were taken away.

And most recently we hit All Star Bowling. Following a tricky start for some team members, who struggled to perfect the art of keeping the bowling ball in their lane, we were starting to separate the wheat from the chaff. After a sterling performance all round, our Account Director Emily was crowned the winner, drawing our night of laughter, entertainment and a little bit of rivalry to a happy ending.