NWP Creative’s Top Five Marketing Moments from the last year

We’re nothing if not opinionated here at NWP Creative, so we thought it was about time we shared our thoughts on a few of our favourite campaigns from the last year. With more than our fair share of perfectionists in the office, both a blessing and a burden, we are just a little bit picky. However, even with our high standards there are a number of campaigns this year, which we can’t help but love. Read on to see what we’ve picked.

1. Burger King
‘Google home for the Whopper’ from Burger King picked up a Grand Prix at this year’s Cannes Lions awards and we have no problem understanding why. Simple and progressive, it is an idea unlike any other. Mere 15-second clips featuring the phrase “OK, Google, what is the Whopper burger?” led to any nearby Google Home device picking up on the prompt, resulting in listeners at home being told about the chain’s burger. Slightly invasive, reaching further into people’s lives than marketing ever has before, this stroke of innovative genius can’t be overlooked.
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2. Channel 4
Extending the concept of the ‘superhumans’ used for the London 2012 Paralympic Games, enter the ‘We’re the Superhumans’ campaign. The ad didn’t just focus on Paralympic athletes, but also looked at people doing anything from playing music to raising children. Uplifting and joyful it emanated pride, quickly becoming the second most shared Olympic themed ad on social media and is another Grand Prix winner at Cannes this year.
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3. Addict Aide
Practically overnight, Instagram influencer Louise Delage became a hit. An account flooded with sun-soaked pictures oozing Parisian chic and glamour quickly racked in followers. However all was not as it seemed, on reflection it’s easy to spot, but at the time few actually noticed the problem. In almost every image Louise is holding a drink; she’s an alcoholic. The social media star was actually part of a campaign called ‘Like my addiction’, aiming to raise awareness of alcoholism. The surprise bombshell caught people off guard; they had in theory been supporting someone’s alcoholism. Slightly shocking for some and indeed thought provoking, it got people talking.
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4. Nike India
‘Da Da Ding’ – powerful and fun with a hint of revolution. The music, colours and pace all blended successfully to create a vivacious and energetic ad that hit the spot. The ad made us want to get up and go for a run in our lunch break or do a spin class before work, anything which would have us breaking a sweat – something we rarely do in this office. If an ad can inspire us to want to go to the gym, I call that a success.
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5. Apple
‘Earth — Shot on iPhone’ from Apple decided to hone in on a subject of much debate. They used stunning photography and impeccably shot cinematography to emphasise the significance of planet earth and the issue of climate change. The picturesque images are paired with words from Pale Blue Dot — A Vision of the Human Future in Space by Carl Sagan. The whole advert is simply stunning and you cannot help but be captivated.
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