Is your B2B website generating leads

How companies drive new business has changed over the years due to the digital-first world that we live in.
In the past, the B2B market would traditionally acquire new customers through cold calling, referrals, advertising and finally a face-to-face meeting. This journey however has changed…

Today, your website meets your prospects before you do.

How do they hear about you? More often this will typically be through digital channels, such as Pay-Per-Click (PPC), organic search, email marketing, PR, Ad words, social media and content marketing. These channels will inevitably result in driving traffic to your website where they begin their investigating stage and start to form an opinion about you.

Therefore, before you even make contact with them, potential customers have already made their mind up about your business or service. These potential prospects, drive themselves through 50-70% of the sales cycle before thinking about communicating with your company or sales team.
What does this mean – your website is now even more important than ever before as it is influencing if people want to engage with you or not. It’s the first stage that you can influence the purchasing decision process and generate high quality sales leads.

We have a set process to follow to ensure every B2B site we design and develop drives traffic to your business. If you are looking to drive more leads through your website or would like a copy of our white paper with our hints and tips, please contact Nia Williams: nia@nwpcreativecom or 0870 352 1016