Digital Signage in Education

From schools to universities:
Digital screens are transforming education

Outside the classroom
Colleges and universities have a responsibility to keep students and faculty informed and updated.
This breadth and depth of information needs to be shared and communicated to a number of different audiences and what better way to achieve this, than through a digital signage platform.
Some people might ask why? The biggest challenges with any communication, is how to reach the audience, and this is now a way to make people (especially students) look up. This technology is changing all types of industries from retail, restaurants and hospitality and now into the education sector. From the time a student or even a potential student steps foot on campus, they can now engage with the campus in a number of different ways, across multiple platforms, from wayfinding and touch to digital signage and triggered communications and beacons.
And with a unified campus approach, everyone is happy. IT can have control from a central location across a single platform with only one service contract and customer support channel, while the content managers can have different access levels to control their screens from the same cloud based portal providing up to date and targeted comms relevant to their audiences.

Inside the classroom
Connecting with the digitally minded generation of today has become tougher in education, however research shows that investment in technologies for learning such as interactive displays, actually improves the learning culture almost instantaneously.
It is however important to note that it’s not just the technology itself that provides these results, but the way this technology allows students and teachers to engage with other devices.
It is still important to have the teacher at the front of the class, but instead of the projector technology of the past, educators can now use interactive, bright touch screen displays that can communicate with the students’ devices.

Why work with NWP
As part of the Ampito Group, we have experience working with higher education institutes for all their IT needs, and NWP brings the customer/student experience to the team for both the student/faculty customer journey and increased engagement levels.
Our priority isn’t to sell you as many screens as possible, but to bring you the right solution to achieve the best objective.
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